FIFA 18 Novice Advice

Ffifa18coins recommends novice players to build Serie A cost-effective squad. But Serie A striker Higuain is really stupid, not recommended. Icaldi, Mobibi and Manjukic these players personally feel that they are not good to use. Edel and Bellotti are good, especially Bellotti, very strong shooting, feet balance, Edel used to feel better.

If it is 41212 lineup, then do not need winger. If you like 433 or 4231, the left must use Percy, on the right use Bellardi if you do not have much money, if capital is abundant, you can use Quadrado.

Serie A midfielder Nain Golan, followed by Hamsey, Matu Di, Marchisio, if the money is not enough, then you can buy De Rossi, Hedi La, Barrero Bonaventura astransition.

Side guard Sandro and Florentine are good. Central defender early with Manoras, Curley Barry, these two partners are very perfect. Late transition choose Chiellini and Bonucci. The goalkeeper casually find one with over 80 rating, Palin is also good. When you have money, try to use Handan Norwich or Buffon.

Now fifa18coins would like to talk about how to win a game. Online game depends on savvy. Stand-alone week is very good, especially some items. Novice players can pay attention to it.

First of all suggest you first play professional difficulty computer, so you can just abuse, direct play the difficulty of the legend, do not play world-class that has bugs, fifa18coins.co.uk can not say we can win the world level 100%.

Legend class did not have the imagine difficulty, mainly to the foot. Try not to steal the ball, according to L2 defense, cut people to be fast. If you steal the frontcourt, and immediately cut people retracement, do not think about the ground to grab. You can not grab down.

When you win streak, you will encounter the system bureau. Players who play FIFA OL3 know that this is to prevent your streak in the footsteps to weak wins strong. System generally does not start to attack you. We should pay attention we can not blindly attack, even if the other side defender has no much physical, your winger also can not ran after him.

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