FIFA 18 More intelligent players and quick subs

In general, players in FIFA 18 should be a bit more intelligent than their predecessors and their players should offer even more support from the ball-leading player. According to the developers, the game in FIFA 17 too often took place in the center of the playing field. That is why the AI ​​players in FIFA 18 are supposed to approach the outer courses more frequently in order to make the game wider.

Tiki-Taka, for example, will take place in an even smaller space than in the past, and in a high-and-far tactics the players are better placed in free spaces.

A small, but very fine innovation is the Quick-Subs. This allows players to change quickly in the quickest way without interrupting the game and having to call up team management in the pause menu. The quick changeover can be done simply by clicking on the shoulder button. The preferred changes can be set in the menu, alternatively the game proposes certain changes.

Otherwise, the developers have announced other minor improvements, but without more detailed:

A new type of tackle: the so-called "hard tackles" are supposed to be violent attacks, but still no rattles.

Slow dribbling returns.

The no-touch dribbling has been improved.

There will be new gossip.

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