FIFA 18 Andrei Lazaresku for Nintendo Switch News

The goal was clear and so we passed: creating the most powerful FIFA ever created for a portable console. For this it would be necessary to work with hardware that respects the stability in the gameplay of desktop deliveries, and a rate of images per second that is not allowed to think of anything other than 60fps.

One of the first questions Andrei Lazaresku with portable consoles, if for him this adventure with Switch was something really new, and this is: "Indeed, it is the first FIFA in which I work for a console laptop; Moreover, it's the first FIFA I play on a Nintendo console. " He began by saying holding his console in his hand and wanting to show us how the title was in full swing.

"And no, there could not have been a better time than this to do so because Switch is a really popular console right now. If I am honest, we are very proud of how it has remained because it is the best portable system we have worked with and is therefore the most ambitious portable version we have ever created. "

It is then that we interrupt the conversation and Mr. Lazaresku begins to pronounce the words "visual effects", "gameplay", "fluency" ... We could not continue the interview without proving FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch in its different game modes "on The go "(pure laptop or uncoupling the Joy-Con from the machine in Table-Top).

Then it was the turn to ask you about the technology used to create this version, which we remember lacks Frostbite and therefore also "El Camino" mode.

"When we started looking at the game and not so much at the platform, when we started to stare at the players we were recreating ... we realized that in Switch we would have to work with a custom engine specifically for this platform. We have taken the fundamental basis of the other versions, with almost the same tools, so we tried to identify everything so that it was seen in a similar way and shared the roots with a PS4 or an Xbox One. For example, we got the game to look To 720p in laptop and 1080p in desktop; But the rate of images per second is always, under any circumstances, 60fps. " He wanted to emphasize that due to the screen size of the console (6.2 "diagonal), that lower resolution is not so palpable, in addition to being able to disguise better the fact of being a smaller version without so much polygonal load.

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