FIFA's new rules may allow China to hold the World Cup in 2030

FIFA intends to give its executive committee a right to decide whether a continent can host a World Cup once again. FIFA in October last year, the implementation of a "two competition limit" (according to this provision, the same continent countries have to wait for 2 contest to bid again), ruled out the European countries bid to host the 2026 World Cup, because Russia is about to hold 2018 World Cup.

Which makes North America, the United States, Canada and Mexico, the joint bid to become a hot 2026 bid.

At present, FIFA hopes to implement this amendment at the meeting of members of the Manama meeting on 11 May. This week next week in front of the FIFA parliament held in Bahrain, the authorities said, "in the case of conditions required," the flexibility to host the World Cup is allowed.

"Daily Mail" pointed out that this may allow China to bid for the World Cup in 2030, which is only 8 years away from the World Cup in Qatar. There are other amendments to the provisions of the decision to strengthen the FIFA authorities will also be discussed.

These changes will be launched on a 2030 World Cup host the debate, the original South America is the host of the popular. This year's World Cup may have been jointly sponsored by Uruguay and other countries, Uruguay in 1930 held the first World Cup.

But other website still pointed out that China has targeted FIFA, including China's Wanda Group, which became FIFA's first-level sponsor last year until the end of 2030.

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