Every day to meet the challenge of FUT

FIFA 18 is now a daily and weekly challenge. The extension of the regular teaching program FUT target every year according to the direction of the players around the FUT, daily goals range from win a game online today season at least two goals to help Argentine goal today and even simple things such as the application of fitness project.

The best thing to do is to accomplish every challenge that will pay you back. Sometimes it's a coin, sometimes a mini bag. Complete all your daily goals and get another reward.

Elsewhere, the goal of motivation has been increased a bit, you guessed it, and they all give rewards. Weekly target is more focused on let you play, ask you to get a certain number of goals, or buy or sell a certain number of players, but you always at the end of the table to get the carrot more package, more rewarding, and more COINS.

Think you're good at FIFA 18? Sure, you might be ok, but the champion channel offers the best replay in the world, giving you the chance to learn and see what they do. The champion channel means you can learn the best things by watching the game. We completely recommend looking at it from time to time, because if you don't want to improve, you will be defeated.

On SBC, it's worth mentioning the low ratings of the bronze medallists, even some of the golden players you don't want. Of course, you may be able to deduct hundreds of COINS (about 320 COINS if you're lucky), but they can be exchanged for packages in the challenge of team building.

Although you can get a few thousand by selling 11 unneeded gold players, you can make a repeatable SBC, allowing you to trade a package that includes guaranteed rare players. Enter SBC, jump to "upgrade", where you will find the challenge of bronze, silver, and gold to exchange the players you don't want to have players pack 11 players. Bargaining!

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