Differences of FIFA 18 to FIFA 17

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FIFA 18 will incorporate improved player personality. To a layman's point of view, this means that the player should use more realistic figure, while EA highlighted "ronaldo's signature sprint, Sterling unique round and Griezmann technology". With luck, this should help to increase the diversity of the best players in the world.

In addition to bringing world game players into life, in FIFA 18, we make your favorite teams feel and play more real than ever. Enjoy more time and space to read the new player positioning game, while the club's specific team style puts the best known tactics in the world on the pitch.

The new player position allows you to have more free movement because your teammates check the court and react. Moving forward in a coordinated operation, or into space to provide consistent attack support. You'll see players break through the midfield to support a target, take action early, anticipate an accurate ball, and open defense by playing doubles with teammates.

FIFA's dribbling mechanism is often unbalanced, especially online. Fortunately, a massive overhaul is planned later this year to allow players to "inject more creativity into the 1v1 situation". Sometimes, FIFA absolutely needs more kinds of games. We hope the overhaul will pay off.

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