Dele Alli And The Values On FIFA 18

FIFA 18, Brings Alli from EA Sports to "Discuss His Values"

The Tottenham midfielder hosts Electronic Arts to pick his quotes. And maybe it might also have a role in the Trip with Alex Hunter.

Until a few months ago, there was someone who would bet on the FIFA 18 cover. Eventually, EA Sports's choice fell on Cristiano Ronaldo, but Dele Alli was still one of the "FIFA men", who will certainly have a A prominent role in video games.

Confirmation arrived just yesterday, when Tottenham midfielder was summoned to Electronic Arts.

To spread the news was directly Dele Alli, with a photo posted on his social netwkork, followed by the inscription:

Alli and the values ​​on FIFA 18

Certainly his FIFA 18 ratings, even judging by the comments under his tweet, are far more agreeable to those of Cristiano Ronaldo, who literally split half the audience of passionate fans of the EA Sports football title.

But regardless of the shared choice of values, FIFA 18 programs on Dele Alli are likely to include something more.

It is not to be excluded that it can have an important part in the next chapter of The Journey, where surely Cristiano Ronaldo will appear. Allie's hand might be another famous footballer who will be part of Alex Hunter's adventure, hard to think he went to EA Sports's place just to talk about his values. More likely there was more. Surely in his visit to Electronic Arts there were also photos as revealed by the Tottenham midfielder on social networks.

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