Choice of FIFA 18 Players

A team with full week players is not OK, but grat player can win 38 games even with bronze card players. If you are good enough, the lineup choice is very critical.

This is the average type, because the confrontation is all-round, only oneemperor's own words. Unless the level of each other is a lot higher than the other, or you will be beat heavily.

Here to note that in the choice of players, please consider the strength of the bench, if you play the strength of the players is to make up the number of words, your results will be greatly affected, Zhou race, decided to win, often 60 minutes later, There are four distinctive and capable players, can make your results step by step, do not believe?

Players choose, the model should be a good priority, in fact, we should all be very clear, otherwise, 78 Sanches will not so many people use, really in a lot of master who used as 85 + people. Defender I recommend Boateng and Ramos combination, a good ride, the second of the two active defense is good, when it comes to this.

In my mind, defender active defense and passive defense, active defense is That in the absence of the ball, AI control of the guard is in a very suitable place, make it easier for you to switch when you can immediately defensive. Passive defense is the player's own ability is very strong, you control what forced overtaking back, super-technology interception and so on. So we should usually have a feeling, some players ability is not very prominent. But often there is a sense of full, some players are very strong. I prefer to take the initiative to defend the good players.

I was using 433-4 lineup, but my play is very inclined to the middle of the road, so in my frontcourt players, passing, field of view is good first, the second is long shots, I am far Jet, long shot is my first goal of the goal. Speed ​​is not necessary, but must be tough and physical strength, because I need them to defend, so I chose the two sides.

FIGO pass first-class feel good, and all aspects are not bad, is a means of my attack, not under the end, but with the middle after pumping Van Basten. The left ARNAUTOVIC is strong, because I rarely hit the left, he is mainly responsible for defense, occasional corner of the ball, collusion doorball of this kind, worthy of his worth.

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