Chelsea Had Acitvated Buyout Terms of Cuadrado

Juventus announced through the official website that they have activated the buyout terms in Cuadrado's contract. He signed with the team to 2020. According to Juventus confirmed that they spent 20 million euros signing the player.

Cuadrado joined Chelsea from Florence in early 2015, when Chelsea  spent 30 million euros. But half of the season he played only 14 times, then was rented to Juventus in the summer. Over the past two seasons, he performed well in Juventus, played 83 times and scored 8 goals, won the Serie A and Italy Cup title for two consecutive years.

Cuadrado and Juventus signed a three-year contract. Juventus has more important game to play. They will play against Real Madrid on June 3 in the Champions League final.

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