Changes of FIFA 18 Pro Clubs

EA Sports introduced several adjustments and changes to its Pro Clubs model in FIFA 18. From the kit customization to the menu adjustment, this year's Pro Clubs added everything new.

The pre-configuration Settings have never been so advanced. Before the game starts, you can now set which players will take your Settings, instead of keeping them to the computer's randomness.

Perhaps the most convenient and clever model is to add three different play-style presets. Now you can create three different styles in the matching room instead of changing properties, features, and locations. Do you want to switch your defensive midfield? You can now click on a button instead of changing your major every time.

The way your professional skills are acquired has been revolutionized. "Skill trees" will now make it harder to acquire some more sought-after skills or attributes. You can select any skill characteristics you want based on the number of attributes you have. Nnow you have to unlock the best skills by doing smaller attacks. This is a small change, but pay attention when setting up your professional.

The suite customization was launched last year and is now available in 12 colors when designing custom suites. These are the adjustments this year, consistent with the overall game changes of FIFA 18. What do you think?

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