Carrick Will Renew With Manchester United

This season, Carrick performed well, and he played an important role in Mourinho's array. But this veteran's contract will be in the end this summer.

Fifa18coins.co.uk revealed that Manchester United and Carrick had held a renewed negotiation in the past few weeks, and the result of the negotiation was very positive. They are close to reach a one-year contract. Carrick himself even is confident that he will continue to stay in Manchester United.

This season, although Carrick has been 35 years old, he still plays an important role. Although Manchester United this season failed in the Premiership, Carrick wanted to stay for a year, in the new season, he and Mourinho together to win the Premier League champion, which is his main purpose. Up to now, Carrick has played 457 times for Manchester United.

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