Barcelona Is Most Likely to Sign a Contract with Seri

    After the failure to introduce Coutinho, Barcelona is now mainly focusing on the introduction of the midfielder Seri. Spain's RAC1 radio revealed that Serie's agent arrived in Barcelona on Monday to finalize the contract with Barcelona, and Barcelona needed to reach an agreement with the Nice club. Spanish "Daily Sport newspaper" revealed that the transfer fee of Seri has been finalized by 90%.

    "Daily Sport newspaper" pointed out that Barcelona signed Serie is already a matter of course. Barcelona has reached an agreement with Serie himself, and he will receive a five-year contract, with 40 million Euros as transfer fee.

    Before Sergei participates in the Champions League, the two sides will not formally announce the agreement of the contract. After the Champions League, the signing will be completed at any time.

    The reason that Barcelona has been able to finalize Seri is that Barcelona has been negotiated with broker of the player for a few months.

    The Nice club also believes that transfer is the best solution for all parties, and the two clubs have reached an agreement in large aspect, and now only some small details are needed.

    The reason that Barcelona easily signs Seri is that the Ligue 1 is the only club that sets up the contract cancellation fees (in the case of joining the rest of the European team), and Seri’s contract cancellation fee is 40 million Euros.

    Unlike Dortmund and Liverpool, the Nice club's budget is not high, and income is limited, so they are not allowed to refuse Barcelona’s 40 million Euros offer.

    Seri is 26 years old, and played the midfielder in Nice midfielder. He got the name as "African Harvey", and even Harvey said that Seri can inherit his mantle, and hopes that Barcelona can sign Seri .

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