Alex Hunter's Return Has Also Made Significant Changes In Terms of Structure In FIFA 18

Alex Hunter will begin his journey to FIFA 18 in Rio de Janeiro, playing football with some local teams before returning to Britain where things begin to warm up with speculations about his transfer to all media. There will be new destinations on your journey, including a visit to Los Angeles for a pre-season tour. Also, at the end of the first Journey, there was rumor that he would be called by the English National for the World Cup.

The journey: Hunter's return has also made significant changes in terms of structure, as Prior revealed to us that the feedback obtained last year made them understand that players felt a bit useless at times, especially when the player Was on loan, and so this year they divided the campaign into six separate chapters, with clear goals for each of these.

Perhaps one of the most appreciated changes to this sequel is personalization. Last year, in addition to the team uniform to be worn, players did not have any decision-making power over Alex's appearance or how to dress, but both of these aspects have been altered in this edition. For example, new hairstyles have been introduced and the examples we have been offered range from the most basic and varied hairstyles to the Pogba style. You can also change your clothes, which we suppose will also reflect during the cutscenes when you are not in the field and you can also have tattoos, even if not on the face. With this addition, there are great chances that there will not be two identical Hunter, and your experience will be much more personal.

The cast is also expanded this time, so there will be more characters interacting with Hunter and his story (they showed us a screenshot of an unnamed woman), and more famous faces. We know the cover star, Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, be there and will be present at the beginning of the story to influence your trip, as Prior informed us. There are also other playable characters throughout history, we've been told, and the local multiplayer has been designed so that a friend can join you, even though Prior said: "You are now only two of you in a team but what we hope is to have the ability to choose any player. "

Prior also talked about feedback from players that FIFA 17 travel has never faced particularly challenging choices, and this year there are some fundamental decisions that have a "significant impact" on the characters and About events. Once again, no further details have been provided, but this implies that you will go far beyond simply choosing how to be lazy and lazy in a conversation.

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